Franchisee Model

Franchisee Model


Franchising provides benefits for both seller and buyer. For franchisors, the primary benefit is the ability to use other people’s money to expand the brand more rapidly than they could either on their own or through investors or lenders. The initial franchise fee and ongoing royalties they collect allow franchisors to build their brand without sacrificing control to outsiders or the pressure of repaying lenders. The fees and royalties are used to fund operations at corporate headquarters, train and support franchisees, market and advertise the brand, improve the quality of goods or services, and build the brand in the marketplace.

For franchisees, benefits include: a higher chance of success than in a sole proprietorship; shorter time to opening; initial training and ongoing support; assistance in finding an optimal site; the selling power of a known brand; lower costs through group purchasing; use of an established business model; national and regional advertising campaigns; customer lead generation through websites and centralized call centers; and a network of peers (fellow franchisees) to provide advice and moral support through a company intranet, annual conferences, and franchisee associations; and, increasingly, assistance with securing funding.

School Management

School Management


On Start of the School, the focus is on enrolling students, achieving the learning outcomes and effective operations within budget. This can be cumbersome, when management is unable to dedicate the desired time to manage operations, market the school wisely, source skills and materials on time. We have had the privilege of building, managing schools and delivering the learning outcomes.

Services provided during the planning and establishment stage will continue to cover campus development and expansion, the onsite coordinator or a school head will assist in day to day school operations. The Coordinator is backed by a pool of resources from our offices, senior staff from our home office to ensure smooth School operations.

  • School Consultants :provide guidance, strategic advisory on the agreed operational goals and milestones for the School.
  • School Management Systems and Procedures :Assist in implementation of operations policies practices, procedures, technology, reporting and communication systems.
  • Academics / Curriculum Support :Continuous guidance from our home office to Management, Principal, Teachers and staff, Teaching-Learning, Curriculum Handholding, Preparation of application forms and technical report for affiliation (CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB), prepare for inspection(s), assist in compliance with requirements leading to affiliation, Skill Development / Teacher Training, Find and recruit the best educators and staff from our pool of 10000+ candidates, Academic audits, Reviews by senior management.
  • Education Spaces Development :Suggest and provide design concepts for renovation/upgrade of existing educational facilities.
  • Branding & Marketing Support :Re-calibrate brand strategy to cater to changing market needs, create marketing plan, Design brand and marketing collaterals for school (digital, outdoor, media, social, etc.), Hosting and maintaining website, Market digitally and Planning betterment & admissions.
  • Procurement :Our procurement team from home office will assist you source materials, supplies and stationery from over 500 vendors from around the world, consolidate and ship best educational materials and supplies.

RGF 360

What are Montessori Schools?

It is a method that truly respects the child and promotes independence of the child. Montessori is not a registered name and amazingly, it is possible to setup a school and call it Montessori school even if one doesn’t have any Montessori trained teachers or any piece of Montessori material. In a true Montessori school, one will find independent children who are encouraged not only to do things for themselves but also to think for.

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Our Story

Rgf, an enterprise that has grown to be a leading  School Lifecycle services company is an idea of change brought to life. It embodies an ambition of reimagining education by bringing school services expertise close to educationists. The need for founding an agency that can bridge the gap between the learned and the learner, between the result and the potential, dawned upon its founder Vinod Kakumanu when he navigated through his own academic journey and stepped into the real life.


1. How is the school management services contract performance measured ?

Contract performance is measured based on output of specific activities, outcomes in terms of academics, child development, admissions and revenue.

2. What is the minimum contract duration ?

3 Years

3. Does school management services guarantee increase in enrollments/admissions ?

Yes. Goals are agreed and milestones are monitored

4. What are the charges for school management services and related services?

Charges are calculated based on the nature of the project, resources required, tenure and specific goals. We offer flexible charging models for the convenience of school management

1. A monthly fixed fee for the project duration.

2. Revenue share.




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