School Improvement Plan

School Improvement Plan

A five year road ahead program shall be coined for the organization. The parameters described for curriculum growth is called Curriculum bench mark and organization growth called as Institution road map which are also called as Management tools for Improvement.

Each parameter is clearly described to give complete clarity of how the school should progress in terms of academics and administration for complete five years.

School Feedback Reports

School Feedback Reports


An audit team from RGF would come to do an audit using the SWOT analysis method.

They will identify the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats for growth of the organization. Analysis is done on various aspects like infrastructure, academic program, organizational structure, attitudes and aptitudes of the personnel, etc.

A clearly described 5 year road plan shall be coined after complete analysis of the school.

Existing School Improvement


Existing School Improvement

An Entrepreneur could have established a school with loads of passion and expectations, but couldn’t reach the desired results; it may be lack of quality staff, curriculum not in place, improper educational structure, inability to estimate & plan finances, inefficient spending, lack of technological awareness, insufficient or administration lacunae, enrolments issues or stay abreast of 21st century trends or required skills.

In such situation RGF pitches in to extend support to the school. Based on the agreement between the client and RGF, it could be

  • Completely adopting the school, put people in place and monitor the school
  • Provide manpower, manage admissions and monitor or guide the manpower

RGF has complete understanding of challenges that schools face and has expertise to ensure that the school’s infrastructure, processes, procedures, technology, admissions and curriculum are in line with the goals irrespective of size and nature of the school.

With the support of dedicated, experienced and passionate team, RGF has maintained a track record of committing for the desired enrolments and fulfill them before the committed date. It is also strong expertise in extending strong academic support in terms of curriculum; quality technology based learning and excellent supply of manpower.


RGF 360

Buy Sell / Rent School Property is a platform created for our esteemed clients which enable the buyer and seller brought to a common platform and give an opportunity to select right site for more visibility and better revenues.

Digital Classroom Set Up

By using information technology, students can decide about their study, its time, its place and their resources. In digital environment students can share their ideas and experiences and using help from other students and teachers. Digital classroom comprises all forms of electronically supported learning and teaching. We equip the schools in installing quality digital classrooms.

Reaching Admissions targets (Enrolments)

Schools are finding very difficult for enrolments. The market has become very volatile with the cutthroat competitions. Best of the best marketing strategies are not working well. RGF interference with its technical, committed and dedicated staff would help the schools to overcome the issue. The company gives written commitments for enrolments with timelines (yearly, monthly, weekly and daily targets) and makes sure that the desired enrolments are completed in the stipulated time.
RGF also places best marketing staff in the schools and does thorough follow-up for the sure shot admissions.


1. What is the use of doing a market survey or a feasibility test?

Carrying out a market survey or a feasibility test is very much important. It will help the promoter to : –

  • Minimize risk portfolio – Helps to understand the possibility of project success
  • Understand the customers needs (Parents) – Will give clarity of what are the expectations from parents
  • Selling the right product – What kind of parents get attracted to the school
    Best Competition-to have an understanding about the competitors
  • Measures reputation and compatibility – Make us understand the potential of the place and gives an understanding on time lines for break even and profits
  • Forecasting – Will help to understand what kind of strategies would work
    Unique Strategies-Understanding about other competitors, one will get clarity of coming up with unique strategies which others have not
  • Improves Competition – Would enhance competitive spirit
  • Accuracy in advertising – Will help in understanding what kind of marketing would work and which mode would be the fastest way of reaching
  • Strengthens your market position – Gives visibility in the market
  • Strategic Planning – Sure shot strategies planned for immediate results
  • Quality of decisions – It improves the quality of decisions taken to be taken
2. What areas are covered under School Feedback?

Target market, school’s infrastructure, programs, policies, procedures, processes and other relevant aspects, market conditions, Student and Parent preferences, local demographics, etc

3. Does School Feedback and Improvement Report guarantee improvements?

rgf shall conduct a detailed audit and provide an improvement report which include a “to be” state, improvement budget and transformation plan. The improvement results highly depend on how the improvement plan is implemented and the schools readiness for the market.

rgf is always happy to implement the transformation plan and deliver guaranteed improvements.

4. Does school improvement services guarantee increase in enrollments/admissions?

Improvement report provides the necessary strategy to improve admissions/enrollments. New admissions depend on how you implement the strategy

5. How much do you charge for school improvement services?

Fee is calculated based on the effort involved; effort varies by the nature of school. School Serv charges a task based and fixed fee for school improvement services.

6. Can RGF get us more admissions?

Yes, rgf can only help you with a long-term strategy to improve admissions and retention.