An entrepreneur can browse to find the right site for the school. The buyers and sellers list down their properties in their site. Once the entrepreneur selects the site, one can express interest. Our team from RGF shall approach the Entrepreneur and mediate between the buyer and seller.

RGF has a track record of identifying 2-3 alternative sites selection for the client. A thorough research is done by the company based on the feasibility, catchment area, socio-economic status, type of school, paying capacity, etc and come up with a tangible business model.This kind of online and offline facility would enable our esteemed clients keep at comfort.

RGF ensues that a thorough study is done on the site selected and alternate suggestions are given if required.The model which is developed is completely tried and tested and proven to be highly efficient


Features & Benefits


Speed Search

Clients can locate school property in any of part of the county from any part of the world.

Secure Identity

Identity of the buyer and seller would be kept highly confidential; after all it is the matter of credibility of the seller.

Wider Reach

Get access to wider market through visibility to clients from entire world.

Prospective Clients

When many people get to know about your requirement, it is becomes easy to g et access to most prospective buyers/sellers/leaser

Wide Visibility

When many people come across your property, chances of getting prospective buyer or seller would be very easy.



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