is an exclusive platform for finding school real estate across the globe. Available and Wanted school real estate listed on reach serious audience, interested party can request a call back from the listing owner and further transact offline at mutual convenience.

User contact information is not published online to ensure a spam free digital experience. Users may also hassle freely list operational/running schools for sale/rent can mark the school identity ‘private’, make confidential details invisible to public and continue to receive call back requests from interested party.

Ever since its launch, several hundred school property such as ‘Looking to buy a school’, ‘want to sell a school’, ‘want to rent out land/building for school purpose’, ‘looking to rent land/building for school’ are listed on and many users have found serious interested party.

In brief, is the world’s first dependable source and a networking platform for Promoters looking for suitable land to establish a school, real estate agents dealing with school property, schools looking to expand and schools in distress as well


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Locate and get information about school property in any part of the world from your desk

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Get access to global audience looking for school real estate

Increase Visibility

Share and Gain more exposure on social media. Choose to mark as featured and stay on home page.

Secure Identity

We know how difficult a decision it is to sell an operational school, hide details not meant to be known or seen by others


More and more people come across your school property and chances of getting a buyer, seller or tenant becomes simple



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